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If you know what the difference is between a snapshot and a photograph, the has a nice opportunity for you. We are in the proces of setting up multiple websites and need quality photos!

Right now we especially need USA-themed or patriotic images. They can be of people, places, buildings
or landscapes. In fact, the subject can be just about anything as long as it depicts the spirit of America.

We also need images on the Photo of the Day Group site (, in just about any category.

If you or someone you know would like to contribute, please send the images to

All we ask is that you make them at least 1024 pixels on the long side; if they are longer we may
crop or resize them, if they are shorter we cannot use them.
Update We can now post images up to
1600 pixels wide!

Please give us your name, location, type of camera used and any other helpful information so that we
can give you full credit and copyright when the photo is displayed.
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Any San Francisco Bay or Puget Sound Photographers?
We haven't seen any images from those areas for awhile.
Please use the email address below or post on our forum.
Thank you for your support!
Sept 12, 2011
A Patriotic Woody
Drives by the USS Midway
Check out our Navy Page